Say It With Me - Rose Congou

Nenio Teas & Tisanes


This beautiful Rose Congu is made by layering a china black tea with five layers of fresh cut rose petals before adding natural oils.

The resulting tea is floral, delicate and a perfect partner for pastries and desserts.


Luxury black tea, rose petals and natural flavours

Origin: Fujian Province, China. 
Grown: 2500ft above sea level. 
Caffeine Level: Moderate: Approx 27- 35mg per cup

Allergen Information

Please note that all of our products are packaged in an environment that handles nuts, wheat, celery, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites.


Pouches: Our loose leaf teas are packed in Eco-friendly pouches that are 100% compostable, including the press seal top.

Tins: The sturdy aluminium tea tins can be used again and again or recycled without loss of quality.

Tea Bags: Each bag is hand-filled and hand-sealed and made from 100% plastic free plant materials. You can compost them when you're finished or add them to your food waste collection.


All  of our teas are sourced from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership improves the lives and incomes of tea workers, farmers, and their communities as well as helping to address the environmental challenges brought about by climate change.