Reusable Day pads 5 pack with wet bag

Hey Girls


Make your period more sustainable with Hey Girls best-selling, super comfy and absorbent reusable pads. Made from layers of absorbent bamboo fibres and winged to fit your underwear, Hey Girls pads are good for the environment and good for you too – with no nasty hidden plastics or chemicals.

Their signature cloth pads come in a handy wet bag containing 5 pads to see you through your period.

100% reusable, you can wear, wash and wear again!

Caring for your pads

Caring for your reusable pads is super simple, follow these four easy steps.

1. Rinse under cold water until it runs clear.
2. Either hand wash in warm water or run on a 30℃ – 40℃ wash cycle.
3. Once out of the wash, stretch the sides of the pads to keep its shape.
4. Either air dry or pop on the radiator.  Then you’re ready to wear your panty liners again

Size: 17cm long holds approx. 40ml

Hey Girls is a family run social enterprise company that donates a box of products to a low income UK family for every one sold.