Save Stamps - Plant a tree

We've partnered with More Trees so that shopping with us can do even more good for our shared home. For every delivery or pick-up you'll get a stamp on your reward card and the 6th one plants a tree in a deforested area.

We'll even email you a certificate showing where your tree has been planted and how much carbon you've offset by choosing to shop with us.

You can find the digital version of our forest here - which keeps track of all the trees we've planted together.


What happens to my completed card?

We take your completed card back and recycle it for you.

Where do you plant trees?

Trees are planted in forests across the world, by local farmers and villagers. Projects change throughout the year, depending on who we’re working with the and current need. 

Can I gift my tree to someone else?

Of course! Just pop their name and email on the completed card and we'll do the rest.

What if I'm out when you deliver? 

You can leave your card with your empty bottles for us or anywhere that's convenient for you (just let us know.)

Can I collect stamps for postal deliveries?

Unfortunately this is a physical stamp scheme so we can't track postal orders at present.