Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Waste is a serious issue and we strive to reduce plastic in every way we can.

With over five years of online zero waste experience we're dedicated to getting your items to you with the absolute minimum of packaging - we often reuse cardboard that's clean and presentable so we hope you'll be O.K with a few strange logos on your parcels!

Pick up & home delivery

We pack your pick-up and postal deliveries in reused cardboard boxes or home compostable bio bags.

These bags have been manufactured with a bio-additive that accelerates the degradation process and they break down into naturally-benign materials (CO2, water and biomass) within a period of a few weeks to 24 months in compost or landfill. They're also completely food safe.

Postal deliveries

We post small items in sturdy cardboard envelopes and multiple orders in cardboard boxes. Our tape is paper based and can be peeled off so the box can be reused again and again.

If we need to use a filler to stop items rattling around in transit we choose tissue paper for small items and brown paper for larger ones. The brown paper is mostly recycled from items sent to us - we hope you'll be able to pass it on too.