The perfect cup of coffee

The perfect cup of coffee

The perfect cup of coffee is the one you enjoy most. Everyone takes theirs a little differently - I love soy milk and a little sweetness, my husband takes his black and plain - but there are some basic steps that ensure you get the best from the bean.


Choosing your blend

For the best coffee we recommend grinding the whole beans at the time of brewing - this allows them to retain maximum flavour and freshness - but a well stored pre-ground coffee comes a close second.

We recommend Jackalope Joe's Satemwa Estate for the caffeine lover and their Sugarcane Decaf for those who like a milder brew. Both are 100% Arabica (considered the finest coffee type) and small batch roasted in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.


How to brew

This method is for the cafetiere, also called a French press:

  1. When the water has boiled swirl a little around the press to warm it and tip out. This makes sure that you're retaining all of the water heat for brewing.
  2. Add ground coffee at a ratio of 1g per 15ml water. Sounds complicated? It's about 13g per mug which, handily, is about 2 desert spoons.
  3. By now your water will have cooled a little in the kettle - perfect! The ideal water temperature for cafetiere coffee is about 90ºC. Pour it slowly over the grounds ensuring that all have been soaked and haven't washed up the sides. Put the plunger lid on but don't press yet!
  4. Leave to stand for 3-4 minutes to let the delicious flavour notes develop.
  5. At this point some people stir again and some just plunge - it's up to you - but either way it's time to push the plunger and press out the grounds.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!



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